Heartless in the Bronx

Dr. Trevor Knight wishes only to put the madness of Richard Ignatius Palmer behind him and settle into the normalcy of the average man. However, Dr. Trevor Knight is far from averageā€”a chess master in a chess game, between evil and good. The recent horror of StoryTown Cemetery still haunts his dreams. However, it appears that Mr. Richard Ignatius Palmer has left a legacy to our intrepid crime solver that is not easily managed, a fortune born from evil, now used for good. Evil is not confined to the West Coast, and when the phone rings with Detective Darbo Larson of the New York City Police Department on the other end, it soon catapults our crime-fighting psychiatrist into the ancient world of sacrificial appeasement. Legacies have responsibilities, and finding truth sometimes means people close to you are put into imminent danger. Friends die. The hunger of evil is un-appeased.

Evil feeds on all levels of society. In the cold mean streets and abandoned places of the Bronx, the harvest for the present evil is bountiful.

The homeless and destitute have no place to hide from it. It penetrates the dark and hidden places, places only the forgotten know. Pray, Dr. Knight, and do not lose heart.

--Joseph R. Lange

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