He Leads Forth the Prisoners with Singing

Have you ever been confined in a place where you couldn't get out? Were you alone? Did no one come to help you out? Being enclosed with no sign of escape drains your strength, makes you fearful, and you lose hope. You could be a prisoner in jail, a person with a disease, in a life of poverty, someone who is tied to a wheelchair, in a dead-end job, or in a family of violence. Whatever your situation, you want out, but the chains refuse to let you go.

“He Leads Forth the Prisoners with Singing” is a book that is not only for prisoners but also for anyone who wants freedom from life's harrowing issues. The book consists of letters written to prisoners, giving them encouragement through the use of poems, songs, quotes, scripture, and sermon topics. It talks of godly values and how to be released from the burdens you face every day. A kind word of encouragement, a song with a story, or a memorable quote can lift your spirit like a rope thrown in your direction to help pull you up out of a hole.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Prison Fellowship. Prison Fellowship is the nation's largest Christian nonprofit—serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families—and a leading voice for restorative criminal justice reform. To learn more, visit www.prisonfellowship.org.

--Penny Fern

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