Having Done All, STAND: A Mother's Journey Through a Broken Adoption

It is common in our society to highlight the success stories we hear from adoptive parents and their special needs children. Those success stories give us hope. They demonstrate that children will thrive in a safe and loving home. They teach us that love conquers all. They encourage us to take the leap of faith toward adoption. We love happy endings. Unfortunately, not all adoption stories end that way. Some stories are filled with obstacles, trauma, and even heartache.

Having Done All, Stand captures the riveting, real-life story of an adoptive family and the exhausting and devastating journey they faced raising a mentally ill child. This book tells the side of adoption that is rarely spoken about openly. It deals with the aftermath of trauma and abuse. It expresses their deep sorrow and their dashed hopes for the future. It demonstrates a strength and determination that gave cause to overcome and to continue to stand firm in the midst of their darkest days.

--Sheila Conley

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