Harold the Giraffe, You are TOO Tall

Harold the Giraffe is a new student at school. When

Harold comes to school, his teacher, Miss Ellie the

Elephant, introduces him to the class. Miss Ellie

stressed to the students to treat Harold the Giraffe the way they

would want to be treated—with love, respect, kindness, and

acceptance. Right away, a classmate notices a difference about

Harold the Giraffe, that he is too tall. When Harold tries to make

friends, all of the other animals in class use his difference to not

be his friend. Only one student in the class had remembered

Miss Ellie's words of wisdom and befriends Harold. Soon, the

other classmates need Harold the Giraffe's help. Harold the

Giraffe uses his difference to help them, and the classmates

realize that everyone has differences and that these differences

are unique and special to individuals. Forgiveness is given, and

all the classmates become friends.

--Kayla Meyer

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