Hard Times; 1930-1950 : Book 1 - Trail Dust of My Mind Series

A narrative long unwritten; more than seventy years in passing.... a most compelling collection of experiences and events to possibly befall six youngsters in what is today's Green Bay Packer Land. Before the ink was hardly dry on their marriage license, the folks tumbled into the first swath of the Grim Reaper - the onset of the Great Depression in 1929.

From the occasional running of ‘hootch' into Chicago, to their dad hiding mobsters from gangland in a tunnel from their house to the barn, or even John Dillinger giving sister Eunice a twenty for Lollipops; in those early dust bowl ‘thirties' we youngsters were far too young or were yet unborn to even contemplate what ‘normal' life really was.

Two decades of hardscrabble existence are finally fading in the rear-view mirror.

--E.J. Kurowski

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