Growing Into a Mature Marriage: from Kindergarten to College

Marriage is an interesting trip. Never think that you're by yourself on the journey. Married people all over the world are having the same frustrations, questions, and challenges that led you to this book.

The goal is not to insult your intelligence by minimizing the complications of life and marriage through comparisons to elementary schooling. I have been inspired, however, from a lifetime of working with children and teens as a young wife and mother; and being flooded with revelation of an undeniable connection between the standards and lessons set forth in the school system with those of an evolving marriage.

I am ever indebted to the students and teachers who have taught me invaluable lessons and for being a doorway to a higher level of learning. Regarding educating ourselves into successful lives with our spouses and children, the cost of such an education is priceless and will leave you in positive cash flow rather than student debt.

Great relationships refine the world. Learning how to better relate to ourselves and others will bring the peace we desire. Even if we focus only within our own circle of relationships, improving them will be a stimulant to influence change in the world—one marriage at a time.

--Delyce Collins

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