Grizzle, Man or Mouse

In a government's top-secret research lab, there has been a billion-dollar project going on for many years to alter the DNA code of a mouse to a human being for covert operations. This project has failed many times; however, there is one animal, double 00102, who has survived. This animal is responding so fast mentally and physically that not even the doctors are aware of his capabilities until he escapes from the lab. This high-tech lab tries to find a way to cover up the escape. There is one other animal that is going thru this genetic alteration. Her number is double 00103, but that's another story. The story begins with this great escape that takes the mouse double 00102 and his lab technician to a new world that opens up to adventure, excitement, suspense, tears, laughter, wonderments, and, of course, love.

--Lawrence Fredrick Williams, Sr.

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