Grand-Parenting Your Grandchildren - Blessing or Burden?: 26 Personal Stories and Judeo-Christian Scriptures to Soften the Blow of Grand-Parenting A to Z

Through a collection of twenty-six narratives, in ABC format, the authors, Carlos Davila and Brenda BradleyDavila, endeavored to tell their personal grandparenting story birthed from Brenda's obedience and answer to G-d's call and Carlos' willingness to trust G-d as they grandparented their grandson, Isaiah. But this is not a book about Isaiah. This is a book about faith in G-d's promises and how grandparents raising their grandchildren can avoid the burden and live the blessing that grandparenting grandchildren can be.

Drawing on personal experiences, Carlos showcases his unique storytelling skills through sharp-witted, insightful, and sometimes painful, real-life grandparenting stories. Brenda is an experienced Navy Chaplain and brings her own deep spirituality and sound biblical perspective to the story. Together, they become one.

Within this book, you will find twenty-six personal stories and Judeo-Christian scriptures condensed in easily read narratives. Yet within their brevity, you will find each narrative to be a fountain of inspiration with thoughts, ideas, some humor, and real experiences from the point of view of two who can truly say, “Been there, done that!”

Grandparenting Your Grandchildren: Blessing or Burden? will serve as a no-nonsense reality check for grandparents as they face some of the blessings and challenges of grandparenting today. If you or someone you know needs help or encouragement raising your grandchildren, this book is a must-read.

--Carlos Davila

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