Gracie Is Thankful For?

Gracie is a little girl who has learned to be thankful for many things in her life. She loves her home with her parents because she has special moments every day with her mommy and daddy. One of the favorite places in her home is her bedroom. It is filled with lots of colors and has a big window. She also loves to write with different colored pens and play with her dollhouse in her room. Gracie has fun every day and is grateful for all her experiences. Her parents teach her so many things, like tying her shoes. Gracie also learned how important water is. She can drink it and play in it. She also knows that water is good for animals too. Gracie's mommy and daddy taught her about good foods to eat, like watermelon and berries. She has learned about eggs, cookies, and all kinds of foods.

Gracie has so much to be thankful for, like the farm where she lives. The farm life is lots of fun because she can ride the tractor with her daddy. Gracie really likes the old oak tree that is in their yard and loves all the animals. She is happy to be on the farm with lots of things to do. Gracie feels very special and feels loved. her mommy and daddy make sure that Gracie has what she needs. When Gracie feels the love from her parents, she also gives love to her animals and her special teddy bear. This book will help every child. learn to be thankful for their family, their home, their favorite things, and for the special times in their life.

--Amy Nielsen

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