GPS God's Parameters for Success: God’s Roadmap for Spirit, Soul, and Body Wholeness

Part I reveals that God is not a remote and austere religious figure and by living within His parameters (design) through His covenant, we can have a successful, intimate, vital, living relationship with Him. We are created in the image and likeness of God and that influences our responsibility to our Creator. God's love, forgiveness, fruit of the Spirit, and His covenant as seen in the armor of God leads us to see our identity in Christ. Part II explains the successful practical applications of these parameters in a person's daily life, including how stress, anxiety, unforgiveness, temptations, and our choice of foods affect our mind, will, emotions, and physical body. The book outlines practical solutions so we can live in optimal health in spirit, soul, and body. At the end of each chapter are key questions for discussion. Counselors and small group settings would benefit from this format.

--Gary Lee Pyles, PhD

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