Gospel Love, Marriage and Divorce: Legacies of the Divine Romance

The centrality of God in all things is not a novel concept to Christianity, at least not in theory.

For centuries, it would appear that the Church has somehow allowed herself to remove the God-centered gospel definition from marriage and has subsequently fashioned a culturally subjective definition of love, marriage, and divorce that has left God, in many respects, far from the center.

This book, however, will pay less attention to our own domestic legacies of love, marriage, and divorce. It is more so about the church, covenants, conditions, true fidelity, perseverance, God-centered joy, authenticity, fraud, legalism, and apostasy. It is a journey into the kingdom of God wherein the visible and invisible church, along with love, marriage, and divorce, all seem to collide with the gospel of glory and grace.

--Randall Lamb

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