Good Night Nurse

Micki had always loved being a nurse, but lately, she was feeling uninspired and unneeded. That is, until she met Opal. Opal was an eccentric elderly lady whose mannerisms and wardrobe spoke of a bygone era. She was a total stranger, and yet, her pleading with Micki for help could not be ignored. However, she had no idea the strange and dangerous situations she would find herself in. Everything Micki had believed to be absolute truth would be challenged. She found a strength within herself that she never realized was there. Only a deep-seated faith kept her from abandoning Opal and removing herself from the many dangers she would encounter on this journey. The story takes the readers on a ride with unexpected twists and turns and will take them through surprising portals and into many unexpected and unexplored places. Guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

--Elaine Stewart

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