Gold in Giant

Somewhere in the very far future, mankind has gone through two more world wars and come out of those with one superpower wielded by one leader. But the earth has suffered the devastating effects of those wars upon the flora, fauna, and landscape; and it is now struggling to survive. The population is currently living hand-to-mouth on government handouts for food and water given in pill forms. Unsure of the future, a high-ranking general in the new world superpower uses two scientists to develop a time-bending vehicle and attempts to go back in time to explore the possibility of gaining riches; he encounters a lot more than he bargained for—discover the origins of gold and its placement around the globe, travel to the lost city and interface with the culture of Atlantis, realize that human giants once walked the face of the earth, and discover how the moon got its face.

--Mark G. Yonash

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