Going Home: Maggie the Puggle; Adventures of a Service Dog

Going Home is a story about the life of a Puggle (pug/beagle mix) as told from her perspective. As this series begins, Maggie goes from living with her littermates to the beginning of a life she never could have imagined. Unsure of what is to come, she leaves her siblings behind and starts her journey,becoming more aware each day that she has been chosen for a special reason. As Maggie grows and matures, she is transformed from an

innocent pup into an atypical, fully certified Service Dog. She lives in a world that is filled with excitement and purpose. Each day is a new adventure that she experiences by her mom's

side. Going Home is the first in a series that shares just how extraordinary the life of a little dog that lives to learn, serve, and love can be. Won't you join her on her journey?

--Lisa M. Vecchione Ed. D.

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