God's Miracle: My Time In Heaven

God's Miracle offers a riveting testimony of God's grace, mercy, and His love for those who trust and believe in Him and are obedient to His commandments. Elaine is a born-again Christian who experienced death and life after death. The book offers true insight into the reality of heaven and its glory.

On October 6, 2016, Elaine was preparing to travel to Europe on a month-long vacation to visit with family and friends. It had been nineteen years since she last visited her youngest son's tomb site, and she was looking forward to the trip.

As she worked in her vegetable garden that Thursday afternoon, she heard a voice say, “Call your helper to come over to help you.” She said to herself, “I don't need help because I am almost finished.” The voice again said, “Call your helper to come over to help you.” The second time, she listened to the voice and called for help.

Within a half hour of the helper's arrival, Elaine suffered a massive heart attack and died three times. By the grace of God, she was able to dial 911 and request assistance before passing out. Her helper intervened and completed the call. Upon arrival to her home, the EMT's found her on the floor in a pulseless state. She was transported to the local hospital to be pronounced.

She was miraculously revived after being deceased for forty-five minutes the first time. She flat lined three more times at the hospital before being medivacked to the trauma center but died again in route. She died again at the trauma center. In reality, she actually died six times.

Her survival was nothing short of a divine and miraculous return to life. She was renamed “Ms. Miracle” by the doctors and hospital staff at the trauma center as she sustained no neurological damage after the trauma of dying and being revived six separate times.

After her experience in Heaven and upon her return to earth, she realized that the voice she heard that afternoon was the voice of God speaking to her.

--Doris Elaine Smarr

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