God Sword Traitor's Resolve: Book II of the God Sword series

Tragedy swirls around Anthony. His life turned upside down. His world shattered before him. But in the midst of it all, he is offered no pause and is forced to retreat with his burdens. Ashley and Kevran are powerless to help Anthony through the darkness that envelops him. Trapped in despair, he continues his journey but isn't allowed time to mourn. Vanessa, the Water Cutlass, appears before him. She offers reprieve from the agony, but the happy encounter is short-lived. Vanessa carries her own burdens. A friend kidnapped and a countdown issued, now they must race forward to find the prisoner before it is too late. From there, Anthony must learn to handle the sadness inside himself and deal with the pasts of those around him. All the while, a menace that he had forgotten about lurks in the shadows, waiting for their chance at revenge. New and old enemies alike come together as the group makes their way toward rescue and the hope of finding refuge. With peace in sight, only one thing stands in their way: a grudge that must be dealt with. Questions will find their answers, and power will meet its match as Anthony, Ashley, and Vanessa move closer and closer to the edge of Amaraitia.

--A. A. Mullane

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