God, Me, Myself, and I : My Testimony

The title of this book describes how things are sometimes, and we do not even realize it. We, as selfish flesh, live our lives for us. It is you or me and nobody else. God especially has no room in the picture. We go about our day doing what we want when we want with no thoughts of giving God any of our time.

We do not realize at the time that it is because of God's grace and mercy that we are still here despite our shortcomings. Some of us do realize it and are just stuck, like I was, in the dark, praying and hoping that one day you will get out of your situation.

Drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, suicide, thinking of harming others—all these things and more can be delivered with prayer, counseling, and the right relationship with Christ.

That is the purpose for my book: to encourage, uplift, and touch hearts so that God can heal.

Fight for salvation. It is well worth it. I am a living testimony.

--Sharon Underwood

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