Glorious Grace: The Salient Theme of the Gospel of God

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!” A familiar refrain, right? Do those words resonate with you? Well, rightly understood, the word grace is one of the grandest words in the Christian vocabulary and is certainly one of the most glorious themes in the Bible. This book attempts to explain the reasons why. Against the backdrop of sinful humanity and the natural distortions of grace, the author presents the ingredients for a thoroughly biblical understanding of grace. Why is this so important? Because it is from that premise alone that we are enabled to fully grasp the absolute necessity of God's grace in our salvation, and the power of the grace that operates in the believer's soul. It is because grace alone is the divine purpose, pattern, and power in the Christian's life. And the inevitable result is a fruitful lifestyle that brings fullness to us, blessing to others, and glory to God. Yes, grace is amazing indeed!

--Richard Goswiller

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