Girl, You’re a Flower on the Battlefield!: A Devotion of Beauty, Hope, and Life

This book began as a series of letters written for women facing the most challenging circumstances of their lives. My spiritual sister, Vanessa Howard, was planning an event to celebrate cancer survivors. She called saying she wanted to bless the women with a makeover, a luncheon, and personalized gift baskets to take away. She prayed for God's guidance and asked would I write a poem that would resonate with them.

Understanding God knew every single woman who would attend and their personal challenges, instead of writing one poem, I asked God for thirty-one letters (the number of women expected to attend the event). It took weeks of being still, seeking God, and reading the Bible. It was a labor of love to reach the very soul of each woman. I asked her to allow the women to select their own letter and the result was astounding. They wept as they read their letter and expressed feeling as though God was speaking directly to them. I knew that God had used me to speak to each of these women.

--Tracy L. Johnson

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