Gift of Another Breath: You Have Pancreatic Cancer

Initially, Angella Dixon-Watson started her journaling project so she could leave her grandchildren, Cierra and Chase, her story of surviving pancreatic cancer. And, friends and family encouraged her to share her experience beyond her family.

While journaling she had another title. When the journal was completed she felt the need to change it and was in meditation. On Sunday morning last weekend in July 2017, after waking up and saying “thank you for the gift of another day,” those words felt like a recitation to her. She paused. And then was prompted to say “thank you for the gift of another breath,” and it felt right. It is her wish for the world to know that God blessed her with His Grace and Mercy.

Angella is living the “Gift of Another Breath.” She is in the 10 percent club of pancreatic cancer survivors. She feels that if she doesn't share with you about God's goodness, the mountains, rocks and hills will do it. “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40 ESV

--Angella Dixon-Watson

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