Gemmy: An Epic Adventure

In this beautifully illustrated and magical story, Gemmy, a sweet young Kangaroo is born into an idyllic world where Kangaroos flourish. Gemmy is perfect except she was born without a pouch – a big deal for Kangaroos! As she nears adolescence, she is shunned by some and teased by others in her herd. This makes her very sad.

On an otherwise normal day, through a series of unexpected events, Gemmy finds herself hundreds of miles from home in the faraway land of the Australian Outback. She finds herself alone - totally alone, in a new and incredibly dangerous place.

But Gemmy is not doomed – far from it, she soon meets her new and very colorful friends, both animal and human, and they unite as The Three. They soon discover a plan, a human plan, to destroy her homeland. It must be stopped…

Gathering some unlikely allies along the way, the mission takes The Three on an exciting, action packed, fraught with danger adventure – all against seemingly insurmountable odds!

Will she succeed, and how? Will Gemmy save her family, her precious homeland, and the habitat of hundreds of kindred spirit critters?

“A great story! I loved it!

“Heartwarming and compelling- full of great characters, positive life lessons and humor- all told in the context of thrilling Action and Adventure Appealing to all genders and age groups. A straight out of the gate classic!”

Paula Jameson-Whitney, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, Ret. National School District

--Edward R. Holzman

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