Front Porch Stories

“Bless Your Heart, Sir” is a story of a young woman who is on vacation with her family at North Myrtle Beach. As the week began, she meets two people that would change her life forever. She was a witness to a crime that would make that week different from any other.

“Adventure to Matthew's Island” finds a young girl and her brother going on an adventure with their imaginary friend. During this visit, the young girl is bitten by a bug. When they return from this imaginary trip, the young girl becomes very ill and is taken to the hospital. She is in a coma and has an experience much like one of their adventures. Once out of the coma, she shares each detail with her family.

“Rick's Place” begins with a young girl and her dog getting lost in the woods at night. They are helped by a stranger whom nobody had ever seen before. She and her family eventually discover who this stranger is and will later build a camp for abused children in his honor.

“Changed Lives” is a story of a family whose lives changed forever when their car unexpectedly stalled and exploded. The sole survivor was a young boy who had stayed with his cousins. Eighteen years later, two young girls attend the same school. They realize that they are mirror images of each other. This is the story of how their family was reunited.

“Loral Lake Inn” tells of a true love story that ended when a young couple left school to begin their own careers. A family wedding brings them back together. Their journey takes them to the time where they are reunited and begin a life together.

“Home for the Holidays” brings the family back to Loral Lake. Thanksgiving and Christmas are shared with family and the people from their local town.

“Town Picnic at Loral Lakes” welcomes two men to the town. The suspicious way they are acting makes the townspeople wonder who they are. The true story of these men brings a big surprise to all the people of Rogerston.

--Nancy R. Ward

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