From the Outhouse to the President's Chair

From the Outhouse to the President's Chair is a riveting memoir outlining the difficulties, adversities, and the good times in a unique and totally unplanned rise from a farm boy to a college presidency, coupled with proven success in the corporate world.

Beginning on the family farm, the author takes us on a truly exciting trip. It has action, it has humor, and provides obstacles to overcome, several of which could have been fatal. It's an adventure of innovation and problem solving in business and higher education. Each professional advancement is viewed as the final position but circumstances will dictate otherwise.

Confronted with personal obstacles that would seem to preclude anything beyond a high school education, the author showcases humor, a tenacity to succeed and the ability to attract others in his amazing story.

This is a journey punctuated with handicaps that, to most, would stifle any possible thought of achieving personal success. It's a memoir of reality, proving that achievements in life are linked through a series of events, rarely planned and definitely not anticipated.

This is a true story of belief. Belief in faith, belief in yourself, and belief in individuals who seemingly appear at the right time. Most importantly, it is positive belief expressed through strong motivation, determination, and perseverance.

--Robert L. Bliss

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