From Home to Home to Home: The Courageous Rescue of a Hidden Child

There was great joy in the Przepiorka home in Wegrow when Mendl and Esther welcomed their little princess, Gitele, born after two boy siblings already nine and twelve years old. It was spring of 1939, but the bliss was short-lived. When Gitele was three months old, Hitler's army marched into Poland and stole her happy childhood. Yet there was a flicker of light in the darkness.

Over the years, the light grew and blazed into bright sunshine. Its source was the unlikely love and courage of a woman who dared defy her countrymen's hatred by loving and sheltering a Jewish child.

Thus, this testimony of Gloria Glantz, though it is a Holocaust memoir, is truly about love and compassion. She is here because people loved her even before they knew her. Herein is a gripping tale of fear, danger, and loss and of going from home to home to home to eventual redemption and renewal. It is a story all of us and future generations must know and remember.

--Gloria Glantz

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