From Gangs to Grace : Grace Unfolded

From Gangs to Grace and Grace Unfolded are an inspirational testimony of God's grace in seemingly impossible circumstances. Eddie Banales began as a young gangbanger, running wild through the streets of Pomona, California, during a time when violence and death were the norm.

Chaos followed as the streets changed him from a street wise youth to a kill-or-be-killed minded gangster. Meanwhile, the demands of family and academics hounded Eddie to succeed at all costs. Small successes like getting elected president of the student body, hustling while evading jail time and staying alive while so many others were being sent to early graves, convinced him that he could not succumb to the destiny of so many others. That is, until a harrowing encounter with the supernatural altered the course of his life. After a miraculous conversion, he began a lifelong journey to be a Godly father, husband and friend. His experiences in the streets and behind the pulpit culminate in the founding of Gangs to Grace ministries and the transformation of a hardened heart to a heart after God.

--Bishop Eddie Banales with A.B. Maze

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