From Darkness to Life

Six-year-old Michael Tillman had the perfect life with his adoring parents until a sudden tragedy changed his life forever. With the death of his mother and father, Michael was sent to live with his grandparents in South Georgia and had to learn to adjust to his new, broken world. His grandfather, Judge Tillman, was an extremely wealthy and powerful man but lacked the ability to nurture and discipline his grandson properly. Michael was spoiled and pampered by his grandparents, but growing up without guidance and principles led him down many destructive paths. As he faced serious challenges in his life, Michael consistently blamed God for his pain and difficulty. At an especially low point in his life while Michael was in high school, he met Jennifer who would forever change his life. They came from different worlds with completely different values and beliefs, but with Jennifer's help, Michael began to see the world as she did: with hope and purpose.

--Jimmy Campagna

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