Four Kittens in the Bathroom

Four Kittens in the Bathroom is a story about a feral cat that came to our backyard for a free meal and stayed to have three litters of kittens. The little calico cat, we named Mama, proved to be a great mother, very loving and caring. Her first litter had three kittens that spent the nights in our neighbor's garage, and during the day, they came into our yard to eat and play. We enjoyed the many hours that summer watching them run and play. Mama and her kittens were still feral cats, and we could not get closer than ten feet, and they would run away.

When Mama had a second litter, we realized we had never given any thought about having more kittens to deal with. There was only one kitten in this litter, but it made us aware of the possibilities. We did not know the gender of any of Mama's kittens, and if they were all females, things could multiply fast. It did not take long before our fears were realized.

--DL Sevic

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