Forbidden Legacy

Intrigued by a persistent rumor of a hidden secret his grandfather Don Melchor Garza had kept and carried to his grave, the thirty-nine-year-old Beyong set out from Manila to his hometown of Tigaon in Camarines Sur, Philippines, to meet with his elderly Uncle Pamfilo Interino for a conversation regarding the matter. What he found out from his uncle's roadmap of stories, marred with twists and turns, was a network of women associated with Don Melchor in romantic consensual relationships; but nearly all the women carried an open association with the Spaniard, as Don Melchor was known, except for one woman who dwelt in anonymity and wore an elegant and gleaming bracelet of gold on her right wrist whom his uncle pinned with certainty as the bearer of the secret until another final twist in the colorful adventure saga of the Spaniard occurred unexpectedly to confirm, or negate, Beyong's discovery.

--Roger I. Garza

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