For Better or for Worse

The author accompanies the Alzheimer's disease (AD) caregiver in the journey involving numerous care-based decisions. For Better or for Worse is presented as a resource and guide for caregivers and their families. Many AD behaviors and corresponding spouse reactions are the basis of the accompanying stories. Recognizing similarities to their own struggles, the reader can view how others have reacted.

Most types of long-term care industry companies are described, including their advantages and license limitation issues. Examples of profit motivated care versus quality of life are included. The common thread is to increase the caregiver's knowledge and reduce life-threatening stress while benefitting the AD victim. Whether one is considering outside support or transferring the responsibility for care, the details are intended to be of benefit in the decision process.

The author's decades of hands on AD experiences resulted in the Alzheimer's Disease Living Will. The referenced document can be critical regarding end of life care issues.

“To control your own natural AD process” is the author's critical goal.

--Henri Couture

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