Footprints on My Mirror

Do you believe in dreams, angels, omens, old wives' tales, superstitions, or phenomena? Jolene and her son Marlon didn't until they both experienced some strange happenings that made them doubt their sanity at times.

Experiencing any of those can be frightening, but imagine being unable to give an account of the end result of your sick child, as Jolene did with her seven-month-old baby girl Marisa. Marisa suffered greatly with an unkind disease cystic fibrosis. She was admitted in a neighboring island's hospital for treatment and was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival.

Burial was performed the following day without an autopsy, arranged by the hostess where Jolene stayed in the country. However, in her distraught state of mind, she was unaware of the contents of the tiny coffin that was placed in the ground.

Some years later, Jolene has a dream about Marisa just before she experienced what she thought to be a phenomenon, recurring tiny footprints appearing on her full-length mirror in her bathroom and other areas of her apartment. Thoughts of Marisa resurrected, and she realized she didn't have enough proof of her death and burial to be content with. She initiated an investigation but never received a clear and definite account of the event. Other sightings and omens and old wives' tales continued to be experienced.

Day after day, Jolene wondered if she would ever know what really happened to her baby girl and be at peace with herself.

--J. Grace Warren

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