Finding Leigha's Voice

Raising a child with autism is like living a scavenger hunt where once you collect all of the necessary pieces on the list, that list completely changes. Finding Leigha's Voice will put you right in the heart of raising Leigha, my twenty-seven-year-old autistic daughter who recently stopped talking. The ride is full of ups and downs, zigs and zags, and quite a few miracles along the way. Somewhere in the middle of this winding road, I realized that Leigha was also raising me—to a totally new perspective, a totally new way of loving, and a totally new way of listening: by heart. From keeping my eyes and ears searching for God (“God, Are You Listening?”) to holding on to a sense of humor (“Please Don't Be a Restraining Order”), I find that there is one constant, clear truth: We are not alone. We have never been alone. We will never be alone. There is always hope because there is always God.

--Linda P. Woodward

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