Facing the Darkness Within You

How big is your God? Have you ever come face to face with a Holy God? Have you ever considered what would happen to you if you did? Do you consider yourself to be “messed up, missing the mark, lacking, or a failure?” Do you deal with memories that haunt you due to regret, unforgiveness, or PTSD? Or do you think that you are “all that” or “God's gift to this world?” Well, this book will address these topics and more! Karen was an 18-year-old rape victim with a “don't mess with me” attitude. She had a reputation - one where people would say, “Hey, you don't want to mess with that girl, she will drink you under the table, she will cuss you like a sailor, she will fight you until she draws blood, and she will cut you up with her words and spit you out!” This is the “tough-girl baggage” that Karen brought with her when she began her corporate career as the traffic manager of a subsidiary of the largest maritime shipping company in the United States. Despite growing up in that waterfront industry and having the tenacity, disciplines and skills to handle the public relations and manage thousands of tons of cargo moving internationally and locally, she struggled with having that same drive to manage her own personal life.

Through this time Karen occasionally thought of crying out to God for help, but she presumed Him to be dis-interested in her plight and most likely a wimp compared to the enormity of her crisis. Then one night, she read a book that was mysteriously delivered to her house. This book, “Power for Living,” contained testimonies of corporate high rollers, sports icons and managers like her but who had surrendered their lives over to the Lord and had been blessed in doing so. After considering what she had read, she began to pray the prayer of commitment to Jesus that was recorded in the back of the book, but she added one additional request of God. She defiantly demanded that He prove to her that He was tougher than she was because she refused to serve a wimpy God. Well, God accepted her challenge that night and what He revealed to her is what she is passionate to share with all.

Karen's ministry began as she used the gifts and knowledge she received from God to speak His prophetic truths into people's lives. Most come away experiencing joy and peace, being delivered from what had kept them in fear, unforgiveness, or bound to their past. When teaching, Karen has an uncanny way of pressing against those dark places in your character, worldview, or behaviors that many have adopted as their “comfort zone,” or “I just can't change” places. By skillfully using stories, scriptures and questions, these truths will challenge you to see “yourself” as God sees you and guide you to receive His deliverance from what torments you. Are you ready to live life differently, to see God differently, and to take off your mask and keep it off? Then get ready to experience freedom and intimacy with a Holy God as you learn how to “face the darkness within you.”

--KH Robertson

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