Eve, Wake Up

“There was so much to see with her newly formed eyes, but her attention was fixed on the glorious being in front of her. The light of His face illuminated the entire world around her, and for a moment that seemed like eternity, she saw and understood love.”

From Creation to the cross and on to the Lord's resurrection, Eve deals with her penalty and looks ahead through Biblical history to see in her dreams the “future” of her offspring as she lives out her life on earth after the fall. Eve, Wake Up is a look at the highlights of the Old Testament and the people whose lives represent the golden thread of God's plan through the ages, from the very beginning of time to the birth, death, and resurrection of the Savior of humanity, Jesus the Christ.

Eve, Wake Up is a fictional account of original Eve drawn out of the author's imagination but founded on Biblical truth recorded in the Holy Word of God. The author continues to share her lifelong passion, for the deep and personal intimacy with God through the story of Eve.

For more about the author, please visit her website: www.thespiritiscalling.com

--Connie D'Alessandro

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