Arturo DiMartino's Italy is in ruins at the end of WWI.

Its politics splintered. Its economy tattered. Its social fabric shredded.

Italians blame their weak leaders and demand their overthrow. Mussolini steps onto the political stage and his populist views and spirited charisma captivate the country. Arturo joins Mussolini's political campaign and begins a long political career under the Fascist Regime. Rewarded for his loyalty and political instinct, the National Fascist Party appoints him to the most powerful office in Sicily's Trapani Province.

But, when Il Duce tries to expand Italy's influence through military force, Arturo pushes back. His resistance starts a series of perilous events. The Blackshirts, Mussolini's enforcers, issue an ultimatum—leave Italy or die.

Three generations of the family face one crisis after another. From life-threatening and near-death experiences to unwavering love and humorous episodes, Escapes is an insight into the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit. Based on a true story, it also exposes little-known facts about Italy's role in ending WWI and why the Great War's aftermath led Italy to side with Germany in WWII.

“Escapes is so interesting I forgot I was proofreading and kept on reading! Unable to talk with my deceased Italian grandparents, the adventures of Arturo and his family will have to fill in the blanks.”—Gilda Vincent

--Vic DiMartino

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