Easy Way to Weigh Less: The Right Weight Plan: Lose Weight Without Dieting

"You can lose weight without dieting." This is what Nancy, my sister in Ireland, told me, and her statement is proven to be correct by American scientific evidence.

One American scientific fact is about setpoint. Setpoint is the new word the scientists used to describe “an incredibly powerful mechanism in our brains to control our weight that it (not our conscious mind) considers appropriate.”

The setpoint only works “Among people who eat normally.” So, this means that practically every one of us, who have been on diets, was not eating normally before having to go on a diet.

Another American scientific fact is that "Dieting triggers a reduction in Leptin, which both increases appetite and decreases metabolism." With the result that, "Dieting thus becomes one of the quickest routes to long-term weight gain." Who knew?

I followed Nancy's advice by “eating normally” and I got to my setpoint, and I have stayed at it for over a year now – which is 34 lbs. lighter than I was when I started, and as it is the right weight for me, it feels good.

Thank you, Nancy and American scientists, Linda Bacon, PhD and Lucy Aphramor. PhD, RD.

--Peter J. Fitzpatrick

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