Dream Catcher

“Secrets are meant to be kept. Some are good; some evil. And then there are those that mean life or death—the kind that leave you breathless, but not in a good way. I have many secrets, but I dare not speak them, because if I do, my life will be forfeit.”

Fifteen-year old Paige Carson is the focus of a deadly terrorist organization, but she doesn't know why. She can't recall much of her life from before a year ago, other than that her parents were killed and she chose not to say a word to anyone since that fateful day eight years before.

One day, a mysterious family with a secret shows up in town, and Paige begins to remember things from her forgotten past; things that link together who she really is and why everyone seems to be after her.

Paige knows that her foster parents are not who they say they are and she distrusts everyone she comes across because of them. As her dreams and nightmares unfold, she begins to put together the puzzle that is her life. She knows that eventually, she will need to find her voice and use it to protect not only herself, but those she loves as well.

Paige is in a battle to the death and will fight for her life against those who will try to take everything from her.

--Mary Mauck

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