Drawing Your Line: Setting Boundaries Step by Step

Drawing Your Line: Setting Boundaries Step-by-Step is a manual for developing the self-respect and empowerment that ultimately allows for the setting of healthy boundaries in various arenas of life. This process involves learning to find, respect, and use your voice to take control of your life. Inspired by their work as life coaches working with women, the authors share their personal successes and failures with setting boundaries to inspire you to make healthy changes in your own life. Chock-full of helpful reflection questions to elicit real growth and self-awareness, this book guides you through a “coaching” experience to help you understand where your boundary tendencies come from and how to make healthy shifts toward a life of freedom and peace. Setting boundaries is not an act of aggression, but rather, an act of self-empowerment through self-love.

--Dawn Koufakis-Basel , Alison W. Smith

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