Does God Answer Your Prayers? : Principles of Prayers From the Scriptures and Applied by Saints.

Does God answer prayers? If he does, what is the timing? What prayers does God answer? Does God answer according to our expectation or differently? How important is God's will in answering prayers? This book answers to those questions and explains how important and essential praying daily is to grow and continue our relationship with God. It contains the prayers of many of the biblical men and women and the principles we can learn from them. Also, this book explains the purpose and reasons behind prayer and why it is important in our lives on earth. It explains how prayer helps us move closer to God and spiritually grow and stay in faith with God.

This book explains how God was moved by the prayers of his servants and his children in difficult circumstances. It also proves that our God is a prayer-answering God. Also, this book provides information from the prayers of the apostles and church fathers, including St. Paul, St. Augustine, and Martin Luther, the reformer of the church. This book explains the different types of prayers. There is also a chapter on our Lord's Prayer and how he taught us to pray. How can prayer change things, move the hand of God, change a person's life, move mountains blocking the path to success in our lives, and solve life's problems?

God's blessings and wonders by prayers are all discussed in this book.

--Chacko Varghese

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