Diet Book By a Junk Food Junkie

A great book that mixes real-life reminders and tips on how to eat healthy and control weight every day and at special events with humor mixed in. I have always understood what to do to lose weight. This book helps the mind in how to really put that knowledge into action. (Monica K., age 45)

I recommend this book. It was full of humor as well as a lot of personal stories related to weight loss. It was a good motivator for me to even make small changes in my eating habits not only to lose weight but to be healthier. I never would have thought about making a list of my favorite foods and then matching recipes to make that have those foods in them or having soup as a meal if the scale says I'm up. (Kim W.)

Interesting book that lists the benefits of making better food choices. Has creative hints on how to eat more nutritious food and portion control mixed with parts of humor and small portions of autobiography of the author's life. Would be an easy and fun read for anyone looking to lose weight. (Lisa R., age 36)

I truly enjoyed reading this book. Many diet books tend to be very boring and “matter of fact.” This book is written with a great deal of humor. It gives a lot of suggestions and helps to establish good eating habits for a lifetime. (Lois G.)

--June Volgman

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