“I got to know JoAnn when I joined band in the eighth grade…I grew to value JoAnn's common sense and her unflappable good humor. She was dependable and totally trustworthy with my endless stream of “secrets.”

“When she went away to work in Washington DC, I missed her profoundly…She had fallen in love with Bob and planned to marry him…She was devoted to him in a way I had never seen in any of my other friends. They were a team, and he was the sun for her. She was so staunch a companion, so unswerving in giving everything emotionally and spiritually to their marriage.

“This book is the story of what happened. To me, it shows the kindness and love of our Heavenly Father in helping us face the truth about ourselves and our lives—His patience and care as He helps us redefine our dreams and heal from mortality's bruises”

--JoAnn Johnson Alexander

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