Destiny: A Love Story Gone Terribly Wrong

Destiny didn't grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth by any means. She was born to a single parent named Maureen - Maureen experienced things, that no young girl ever should. However, she was not going allow history to repeat itself.

Maureen was determined to raise Destiny to be a child after Gods own heart, but when Destiny reaches her teenage years, she decides that she wants a different life for herself. That's when Destiny leaves life as she's known and returns to her old neighborhood, to show her “schoolgirl crush” Romeo, that she is no longer the

little girl that lived across the hall; That is where life of the sweet choir girl ends, and all her problems begin.

Get your tissues ready, as you prepare for an ending you never saw coming!

Destiny is a must read!

From start to finish, this book will grab you and never let you go! Destiny will have you on the edge of your seat!

Danielle Forbes is brilliant as she tells a story that any parent, teenager and adolescent can relate to.

Your heart will pound as you read the story of a single mother, solely depending on her faith in God to free her only child from the hands of a dangerous man, but Romeo isn't giving up that easily. He is determined to show Destiny how to survive and live life on the streets by any means necessary.

Train up a child.... Proverbs 22:6

--Danielle Forbes

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