Deliver Me from Evil; This is My Story—This is My Song

For far too many years Meghan accepted her status as a victim of incest and believed she had circumvented any long-lasting impact on her life. She didn't know the emotional turmoil she felt resulted from narcissistic abuse. The torment left an indelible mark on her life that led to cycling relationships between lust and narcissistic abuse. Relationships mirrored the one that should have taught respect and love from a man – the relationship with her father.

In this transparent and powerful memoir, Meghan invites the reader to walk back in time as she unlocks painful memories that were designed to confine her to a life of bondage. Her journey to healing begins when she senses urgings to leave her hometown after a long and successful career. Eager to settle in a new location, her excitement rapidly turns into disabling exhaustion as further stressful events command her time, energy, and attention. Her life shifts through a powerful spiritual transformation after divine messengers provide truths about her past. Compelled to embrace her spiritual beginnings, Meghan weaves together sound theology with biblical insight that sharpens her view to bring life into focus. Decades of false beliefs wrapped in fear begin to unravel as the tragedy of Meghan's childhood unfolds. Witness compelling news that provides clarity to her life, arouses understanding, and promotes healing.

Walk with Meghan as she reveals evil beginnings and responds by declaring war on the enemy. Her spirit whispered: “The enemy wouldn't attack if something within you wasn't valuable. Write your story.” Meghan retraces her steps and boldly exposes the god of this world, his tactics and strategies. In obedience to her inner spirit she writes a compelling story about the shame of abuse, her rebellious response, God's love, and the path to freedom and righteousness in Jesus Christ.

--Meghan Foxx

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