Deja Vu: The Story, The Alpha and the Omega (The Beginning and the End)

Déjà Vu, The Story, two years in the making, is designed to comfort the Christian, torment the sinner, and anger the devil. The story drills into the heart of man, not only his fate, but even God's destiny; if we are so bold to make an observation, you be the judge. This amazing story begins in heaven, descends into the world, and then we see the fall of heaven. Christ descends to the earth and becomes like man through the birth of a virgin to redeem all of mankind and then descends even further into Hades. There He restraints Satan and then ascends into paradise, then once again is back on the cross. This amazing story shows us the rapture when the Lord comes and then we're in heaven, where it all started. See this prospective view of God and the understanding of His plan.

It has been said, “In the last days, all things will be revealed.” This is the book you've been waiting for. A must-read for all Christians alike. A must-read for the unsaved world and their destination. It answers the ultimate questions: Why were we born? Why are we here? Where is the final journey? What is the end to come? It will give you another view of our God—the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Based on Déjà Vu, The Poem. Copyright March 20, 1995, Rudy Ezequiel Saucedo.

--Rudy Ezequiel Saucedo

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