Deep Waters

These Scriptures helped us look and go beyond the shallow and medium waters.

“And when He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Put out into the deep waters and let down your nets for a catch [and when they did this, they had caught a great number of fish]” (Luke 5:4–6, comment mine). Also Luke 5:4, “Push out into the deep waters.”

In the beginning of our ministry, we thought of the colonia as shallow waters. It was just over the border with easy access to United States.

We referred to the interior ministry as medium waters. There was much travel involved going from mission to mission, and there were dangers and unknowns.

Deep waters referred to extending our missionary work in Mexico to a Huasteco Indian tribe, around ten hours from the United States border in the state of San Louis Potosi, specifically the Quayalab Junla (Mountainous Jungle). The people, another culture, and another language were very closed and had rejected all missionaries who wanted to evangelize on the mountain. But the door opened for us.

We had opposition from many, including our home church, remembering them saying, “Ray and Connie, you are getting in too deep; to stay in the colonia.” The church was happy with our missionary activity in the colonia.

My book is dedicated to those who follow the Lord wholeheartedly and to those who refuse to remain in the shallow and medium waters.

--Connie M. Pitts and Ray Pitts

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