Dear Addiction : Cease and Desist

Dear Addiction: Cease and Desist refers to ending your on-again-off-again relationship with addiction once and for all. Usually with any attempt at a healthy sober life, there is usually a revolving door of relapse before continued sobriety. This booklet helps to remove a lot of the tricks that addiction uses to stick around or to make returns in our lives (as addiction is referenced as an entity with an agenda in this booklet).

Dear Addiction: Cease and Desist means that this time, when you go head on with your addiction, you'll be removing the veil of deception and seeing addiction for exactly what it is—which is a purpose-stealing enemy rather than the friend and comforter it has pretended to be. This profound realization will help strengthen you to band addiction out of your life forever, handing addiction your cease and desist letter.

--Patra Ann Smith

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