Dancing in the Storm

β€œIt is not what life brings that makes the warrior, but what the warrior does with what life brings.”

Dancing in the Storm is the echo of a warrior mother dancing in the middle of the battle that every parent with a special child must face. It is a story of overcoming the adversity with a new perception of hope. It is an eye-opening experience for the brokenhearted, an empowered message for the ones seeking the great measure from above. It is a manifesto of a relentless heart for the ones searching for the answer of β€œI was made for more.” This book is a journey from being a passive God believer to becoming a conqueror of hope. You must be able to dance where others can't dance. You have in your hands a memoir that could enter you into a new season of an empowering life and unspeakable joy.

--Migdalia Cruz

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