Daily Meditations

The world speaks what the mind thinks. Grace reveals and transforms. When the light shines, everything else disappears. The earth and heaven declare his glory. Only man can block him from his sight. What distinguishes man from all creation can be his downfall. The treasure is in everyone. Few choose to uncover, dissolve, and live it.

God is love incarnated in the Christ. We are his incarnated flesh and blood to be shared with the hungry, thirsty, and weary. Who are we otherwise? What else are we here for? To be “him” is not a question. Not to be is not really an option. Death is not a choice. Every moment in your life is a constant reminder.

Insights like these, quick, concise, and to the point, make up the bulk of this book. In the age of Facebook and text messaging, who has the time or stamina to wade through long scholarly treatises? They are shared to lead to the Spirit that dwells within everyone. Once the reader is there, it does the rest. One taste would lead to the road of no return. More questions than answers are provided, intended to wake readers up from ordinary thinking, and then lure them to go deeper into their souls.

No systematic thesis is presented or intended nor a consistent approach followed, just glimmerings shining through the clouds of the mind. The words that may touch the soul are not mine. Mine are those that stand in the way.

The rational mind perceives infinite versions of reality. Only through the spirit of God does love reveal itself. Words are just words. It is the Spirit through them that saves and transforms to the likeness of the Christ. Man has failed to work out his salvation. That is why he came. Salvation through his blood is done, completed, and at hand. Just let his hand lead. Too simple for the mind to believe? You need to trust like a child and follow like a lamb. This is the recurring theme of this book, explored from many directions. There is no other love worth living for.

--Jalal Gharfeh

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