Cross of the Ghost Friar

With Van Courtland Park still fresh in his memory, Dr. Trevor Knight returns to UCSF and a budding relationship with Susan Hoo, seeking normalcy and peace.

However, peace is a fleeting thing, and soon, he is requested to assist the Director of Indian Affairs in the solving of a most bizarre and evil ritualist string of killings.

Putting his relationship on hold, Knight heads to the desert regions of Arizona and the Indian reservations.

The evil that has manifested itself has claimed twenty lives, with more anticipated.

Local law enforcement is helpless to stop it and the intense fear gripping the residents of the reservations only serves to limit the solving of the terror taking place.

Dr. Trevor Knight has been called to profile the demon that roams the Arizona nights.

With the help of his crime-solving grandmother and an entity whose power comes from an ancient relic close to Knight, it is only a matter of time until once again, evil meets it end.

In addition, the Ghost Friar that presented in the Bronx and blessed the wooden cross, reclaims what is rightfully his.

--Joseph R. Lange

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