Creature II

Join Beth Gibson and Dr. Mike Resnick as they begin a new life together along with their adoptive shape-shifting children. The fun starts at the wedding reception where Mr. and Mrs. Resnick have just been unified through marriage, and their half-human–half-mountain lion children, Cameron and Caroline, have become permanent members of their new family. Their love for each other will develop in unique ways as they continue through the routines of daily life, and of course just a little bit of adventure. Beth and the children will return to a favorite mountain campground for a summer vacation where they will get the chance to catch up with a certain mysterious Native American guide as he leads them deep into the heart of the mountain. They will dig into fascinating secrets hidden far down in the caves underground which will help them to understand their own history and origin. Back at home Dr. Mike will do some exploring of his own on the hill behind the old high school where he will find a clue that will link back to the mysteries under the mountain. These discoveries will play a role in influencing Cameron to begin a determined search for his natural father. Will he find him? Could finding him help Cameron come to terms with his dual nature? Read and find out.

--Joan Bush

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