Beth Gibson's life as an editor for a newspaper was pretty ordinary, a little empty, and almost boring, but all that was about to change when she went walking on the trail behind her house one afternoon. Little did she know that her life would collide with a young shapeshifter named Cameron. Part-time mountain lion and part-time second-grade boy, Cameron would slash out a place for himself in her life, and claw his way into her heart. Beth would learn to overcome her initial fears, and she would get the chance to act as a layman detective, and also as a mother. Cameron would learn to trust again after a difficult past, and together they would solve a mystery, serve up some home-cooked justice, and rescue someone very special, all while keeping a colossal secret. Along the way, an encounter with a mysterious Native American guide would begin to give Beth a glimpse of Cameron's true nature, and reveal how her relationship with him was actually shaping who he was, and who he would become. Most importantly, they would both learn what it meant to be loved, and to love someone in return. The foundation of their relationship would build a firm basis for love to blossom in their lives in many ways. Would Beth finally find a real-life romance? Would Cameron be part of a loving family? Could there be something like a happy ending for both of them? Read and find out.

--Joan Bush

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